Seeds of Yesterday

April 19th, 2019

Seeds of Yesterday

The sky is blue, not a cloud in sight,

So why does this day feel so much like night?

A fine arid dust blows across the land,

Time has slipped through our fingers like grains of sand.

The sun beats down with each unrelenting ray,

Starching and bleaching this melancholy day.

We see a flush of red and a swathe of white,

We are told that beyond grief, there is a light.

We pray, we sing and we think only of you,

Of your face watching us from that sky of blue.

Afterwards, vibrant memories colour our cheeks,

Comforting and soothing for the times that we weep.

We remember you and the gifts you bestowed,

Upon family and friends, along life’s uncertain road.

Your kindness, your eyes, your gentle smile,

They stay with us as we sit and reflect awhile.

Our hearts may be broken, but we all know,

That if we look, we will still see your glow.

Our bleached, starched world, a better place because of you,

Those who you touched and those who you knew.

The sun begins to set before it will again rise,

Against that kind shade of blue that resembles your eyes.

Then we blink through dawn’s fractured light,

As it lifts the heavy curtain of our darkest night.

Boxes tied with ribbons of white and red,

Parcels that we had not noticed as our hearts bled.

Now each of us reaches and pulls at our bow,

Revealing what we had forgotten but already know.

So many hands opening so many gifts,

The sun rising higher, our minds all adrift…..

We remember, we see and we think of you,

Of the gifts you gave each of us, pure and true.

Each of us touched by something you left,

Our hearts a little lighter, a little less bereft.

You have sown a seed in each of our souls,

To nurture and cherish and to watch grow.

A red and white bloom, the essence of you that flowed,

Your seeds of yesterday, found by us all and sowed.