From a very young age, I started to enjoy the art of ‘storytelling’, insisting on making up my own versions of picture books that I would read to my parents at bedtime. As I grew up, if I didn’t have my nose in a book, I’d be creating stories for my sisters to illustrate, or madly scribbling out poetry that friends would enjoy reading.

Writing has always been a big part of my life, but it wasn’t until I went on maternity leave that I decided to write and publish my first novel – and it all started in the maternity ward, within hours of giving birth! That was when I started creating my debut novel, ‘The Wishing House’. Following its success, I left a career in business strategy at the beginning of 2019 to pursue becoming a full time author. Since then I have published two more books, ‘A Shadow Beyond’ and supernatural thriller, ‘Three’ and am currently working on my fourth.

I prefer to describe writing as an addictive passion, rather than a hobby or career. I write if I’m sad. I write if I’m happy. I write for occasions. I write to escape. I love writing!

History and the supernatural have always fascinated me. It occurred to me, on a visit to Hampton Court Palace, that the two topics complement each other very well for writing fiction. Whilst I am not an Historian with academic certificates, I love to research and delve into legends and rumours of the past, pulling them apart and analysing them for clues on how the people involved in those legends would have felt at the time, what they would have experienced and how that may have affected their relationships. It is the very human element of history that interests me – our ancestors’ reactions to situations that have helped shape legend and fact.

I love a good ghost story too and this is a common theme across all of my work.

When I’m not writing, you can find me being mum to a five year old, juggling business and trying to keep my body fit and healthy with exercise so that I can live life to the full and enjoy coffee, cake and wine without too much guilt!