From a very young age, I have always enjoyed writing.  I like to describe being a fiction author as an addictive passion rather than a hobby.  Losing myself in my imagination and bringing those thoughts to life by putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, is one of my favourite ways to spend my free time.

History and the supernatural have always interested me and the two go hand in hand very well for writing fiction.  That’s how I established the genre that I love to write about – historical supernatural fiction, or supernatural historical fiction, whichever term takes your fancy more.

I don’t claim to be an established Historian, just somebody with a lot of imagination who loves stories, legends and rumours steeped in history.  I feel very privileged to have grown up in England.  It is a country with such a rich and tangled web of history and ghosts that almost everywhere I visit seems to have interesting little tales linked to famous figures or events of the past.  As a paranormal historical fiction writer, when I stumble across these little gems, I can’t stop thinking about them, imagining what might have been and indulging in any material I can find that provides a few more clues.

The ‘unknown’ has also been a source of endless fascination for me.  One day, I have no doubt that science will be able to robustly explain away supernatural events.  Until that historical milestone is achieved though, indulging in the supernatural and the fear of not knowing what it is, will remain a great topic for fiction and one that I will always relish writing about.

My novels are dual time and merely by coincidence, the historical setting for each one has so far been set in seventeenth century England. I am fascinated by the role of women in historical Britain. When I write, I feel so very connected to the women in my books and I like to think that I give them the strength of character that they deserve.

I hope you will enjoy reading my novels as much as I have enjoyed writing them.